Psychotherapy can be seen as nothing more than a conversation,
but it is a conversation with the potential for changing life.  We were all
programmed by our formative social environment, our family of origin, and
generally much of this early programming is not appropriate to the tasks
confronting us as we mature. In therapy we assess the gap between early
programming and current life tasks; striving to attain a more appropriate way
of being in the world. Invariably correcting unsuitable programming releases
emotional intensity and life energy, enhances self-acceptance and confidence,
and improves the quality of contact with significant others.
Psychotherapy restores hope; it allows you a new chance for change.

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In my many years as a psychotherapist, I have attained extensive experience with a wide range of people, working with individuals, couples and therapy groups. In my work I combine different therapeutic methods which allow me to address the individual needs of the client. This enables a healthy encounter and maximizes the potential for growth.

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